UNC Tar Heels Guard Larry Drew Enrolls at UCLA and My UNC vs. KY Recap

Top of the hour, Larry Drew just announced he is enrolling at UCLA.  What's up UCLA, three players in a year.... just asking!?  He will have one year eligible play after waiting out his year for transferring from UNC.

In other news, Stellar Zeller...

 and the Tar Heel Crew worked hard to overcome the Kentucky Wild Cats.  And in the infamous last words, we almost did it. :)  Makes me sad to see Coach Roy sad.

It was this kind of night!


Brandon Knight.  That is pretty much the size of it - Brandon Knight the Kentucky Wild Cars wonder!

Can you say 15 points in 3 pointers!  Yes, 5 three pointers.  All night long.

So yes, we're a little sad here in Carolina Country.  Happy sad.  Because after all - happy our Argyle Nation represented in such a fine way - right until the end.

And of course, sad it didn't end like 2009!!!  Yes, Hansbrough year! 

So who are you going for in the NCAA Finals?!  It will take me a while to talk about it again... so y'all go ahead and talk amongst yourselves! :)

Warmly,   Carolina Mama

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