Tigers' Favorite Breakfast!

Here's the deal - the Tigers love a big breakfast! Here is a favorite! One says French Toast, the other says Blueberry Waffles!

They both say Sausage! And Milk!

I on the other hand go for yogurt and fruit! ;) Oatmeal and fruit, Coffee! Always coffee!

What is your child's favorite breakfast? And your favorite breakfast? I agree that it sets the tone for the day!


MountainMan said...

Amen to always coffee! Cannot imagine life without it! Love our version of the sausage! (Morningstar)

Love Being A Nonny said...

I LOVE breakfast foods! I usually eat cottage cheese with blueberries and pineapple. Or, a boiled egg with wheat toast. No matter what, I try to make sure I have some protein....it gets me through the morning!