Caribbean Joe's Malibu Hard Shell Luggage

Recently I was spoiled with Caribbean Joe's Malibu 3 Piece Hard Shell Spinner Luggage!  Oh my!  Life is great!  I mean really.  I had a standard black luggage with the basic roller wheels.  Well, enter Caribbean Joe's!  

...designed to provide travelers comfort, functionality, reliability, and peace of mind. Constructed from ABS composite, which flexes to absorb impact and then returns back to its original shape when under stress.

Check out these 360 Rollers!  And there are 4 of them so no more tipping over every time you stop and tweet! :)  Now, Hallelujah, I will no longer be embarrassed at the Starbucks at the airport - you know, when you go to grab your coffee from the Barista and your luggage falls over into the person next to you... no longer me!! Thank you Caribbean Joe's!  

See how the luggage stands a.l.o.n.e! :)  Oh happy day!  

They stack!  Yes! This 3 Piece Luggage set stacks inside the larger piece! Love it! So here you see the medium and small pieces.  They stack inside each other like the Russian dolls. Perfect for storage!  

These suitcases are so roomy and have so many details, I did not even need the larger piece. I am thinking that one goes for Boulder Mountain Man! 

See the shoe holders and the zipper compartments and the straps with clips.  This is the most organized little carry all I have every seen!  Adore it!  Again, light weight goodness! 

What is your favorite luggage?!  Does it stack? Organize for you?! :)  And is it light weight and cute!?  Caribbean Joe's luggage is all that!  Thank you Caribbean Joe's for sponsoring this post and my comfort in travel!  And yes these opinions are solely from my own experience! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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