Winter Storm? Are You Prepared? Rayovac Survival Kit

The past week we have seen some crazy weather!  Right before Blissdom, there was a big snow storm and some flights were delayed and cancelled to Nashville.  Fortunately, we were able to fly over without delay.  However, did you see that snow storm on the East Coast last week...?

Now the rest of the country is catching up with us.  We had 70 degrees this week and our family around the country could not say the same.  At all.

Check out the cities where our immediate family lives:

Chicago:  Yes, Chicago got hit really hard.  Hundreds of people where without power!  Not only lights but heat!  And did you see the cars stranded on Lake Shore Drive.  

Boulder: Did you hear - 20 degrees!  Really.  I was talking with my mother-in-love when she said, "We just broke "0" degrees!"  I could not imagine. This image says it all.  Poor student walking to class. He should get an A for braving the elements.  Um, - 20 degrees people!

Dallas/Fort Worth:  Southern as it is, Texas got a large amount of snow.  What about that Super Bowl Sunday?!  Some of the fans are having trouble getting to Dallas for the Super Bowl!  And they are all from up North where the teams are from - Pennsylvania and New York.  They did not expect snow and ice in Dallas.

Here is North Carolina - it's looking like this - with one day of 70s.  I'm just telling ya.  

However, now it is cold again and a bit rainy.  Preparing for a Winter Storm here would look like this:  Powering Up with Rayovac!  

We're kind of ready for a big storm.  Snow, skiing, sledding, and a chance to break out the great flash lights!  And rechargeable batteries and use up the extra water, food and blankets.  Light up the candles and honker down for a warm winter's night.  

Here are some of our favorites for our Winter Storm Survival Kit: 

The Rayovac Lantern, Rayovac LED Pocket Flashlight and the Mini Rayovac Lantern.  Thankful to be spoiled as a Rayovac Power Blogger, because we are all powered up.  Everyone has their own Rayovac flashlight and we are so set and ready.  

How do you prepare for a Winter Storm?  What is in your Survival Kit?!   Stay warm!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

* This post sponsored by Rayovac. I'm a Rayovac Power Blogger.  I love the Rayovac Flashlights, Lanterns and Rechargeable Batteries. We are forever ready thanks to Rayovac. That is my own opinion!

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Net Strand said...

Wow now that is a great idea. Everyone who travels should be prepared. I think many men and women have forgotten these skills.
Our SUVs seem safe and protective, but when they run out of gas and get stuck, then what?