Hilton Hotel Downtown Charlotte, NC: Ready To Launch Eat.Think.Smile

Walking out the Hilton ...

...... to the product launch of Apure Foods' Eat.Think.Smile here in Charlotte, North Carolina!

We have loved our stay at the Hilton in Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.

We have the best and most accommodating staff here! And they welcomed us with warm cookies and milk. And the Tigers even had hot chocolate after the cookies and milk.

The Hilton knows how to spoil us!

Thank you Charlotte for such a great event, feedback and all around good time!


Chow and Chatter said...

i was at the Winston Event good product overall but i want to just buy the cocoa I asked the PR girls who they thought was the influencal NC blogger and they said u



CarolinaMama said...

Thank you Rebecca! And I think it is a good idea to suggest purchasing the Cocoa Powder to cook with at home. I'd love to do that too! The possibilities are endless!