Eat.Think.Smile Charlotte, NC MomBloggers Launch Product

From Blissdom to Eat.Think.Smile! Talk about Bliss and Smile! I did. I am still smiling!

The Team!  
Maricris! Thanks for hosting us! 

Young Moms and Babies!

Checking out the Cocoa Bean

Questions and Answers, Tastings, etc. 

The Babies Love Eat.Think.Smile ! And the Moms are smiling too!

2011 is kicking off just grand! This past week has been phenomenal. I am honored to have been asked to help launch a fabulous healthy living snack by the amazing Apure Foods of Colorado.

 Here's our bright table display with the cocoa antioxidants and the product with colorful flowers on this sunny day!

So Saturday after an incredible and blissful conference at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, Eat.Think.Smile flew me directly to Charlotte for the launch of their antioxidant cocoa snack.

I adore Charlotte. What can I say - North Carolina! More importantly, my dear blogging buddy, Maricris was kind and gracious to accept my invite for her to Co-Host with me the product launch in the fare City of Charlotte!

Amazing blogger and writer that Maricris is, she immediately began to reach out to our friends - Social Media Moms - to help spread the word about this awesome party. Then Eat.Think.Smile's first-class Scientist, Dr. Amy Preston, taught us about the benefits of antioxidants in Cocoa!

We had all the options, Granola Cocoa, Thins and Bar! 
MMMMMmmmmm and so many flavor choices, 
Honey Peanut, Red Raspberry, Sea Salt, Cranberry and Walnut, 
are you in love yet?! We are! 

Dr. Amy Preston of Apure Foods explained the science behind 
the right kind of cocoa and getting the maximum benefits. 

Then we all had some Panera, great salads and fruit, more yogurt and ETS Granola!

We had swag!  Every flavor of ETS was in each bag  and the thins, granola and bars! Spoiled!

More connecting with great moms like, NC's own, Lisa Frame @Daily_Pinch and many more.

The fellowship in Charlotte was awesome!  Loved this event and all the MomBloggers' party fabulousness!

Check out Eat.Think.Smile today in NC!  Lowes' Foods is carrying the product.  Look for more to come.  Psst!  Rumor has it that the huge crowd in Winston-Salem loved ETS too!  

Warmly, Carolina Mama


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Wow!! Right here in Charlotte ...just a few miles away from where I live! The product sounds really good!!


Beth in NC said...

Looks like a great time!

blueviolet said...

This is so exciting! I've only been in NC since September and to hear of wonderful things like this happening in my state...can't wait to get more involved!

I'll be at NC Mom Conf so I'll be sure to see you then and hopefully try some of this! :)

Go NC mom bloggers!

ALELY said...

it was a pleasure to meet you at marichris'. so nice to meet people i follow via twitter! loved your post and pic! i haven't had time to post about ETS but doing it right now!

Mama.Mommy.Mom. said...

Two blogging things near by recently that I knew nothing about! I obviously don't network enough LOL