NC Mom Bloggers Beach Conference Welcome Reception

The incredible Moms are of course from North and South Carolina and beyond as in Michigan, Wisconsin, DC and such!  

Check out Dessert first: Pineapple Banana Pudding - let's go Southern for the Luau! Welcome Reception!

Here's the great appetizer table!  Shrimp on the Beach... Life is good! 

You see what is really important to us busy Mom Bloggers! :)  More fresh Shrimp on the Beach!
Check out the Cheese and Olive Pineapple!

Great bloggers like Nancy Blessings, The Bona Fide Life, Not DIY Heather and More! 

Amy Preston, Scientist for Eat.Think.Smile and Team, chatting it up with OneMomsWorld and Erin C. Lane and the Mommality Girls! 

Pure goodness!  Antioxidant beneficial chocolate from Eat.Think.Smile!

Noodles and Company joined in and supported from Colorado! 

Sweet Sadie Marie and Friends like Tracy of OII! 

Amy Hodges brought along Flat Real Life Sarah and Flat Type A Parent Kelby Carr! 
We are glad they are here at least in flat form.  Because you know these ladies are 
never flat.  They make a presence from the mountains to the beach! :)

The Chatty Momma won a Door Prize!  Good thing, she drove down from DC! 

Scandinavian Child loves to spoil mothers!  So from one mama Erin to another - 
a great door prize! A door prize with Mom Fashion! 

Excited for tomorrow and all the great sessions!  Get ready for the Walk/Run on the Beach in the am! 
Lisa Frame sharing the excitement on Daily Pinch! 

Blessed to be here!  And to represent Ocean Isle Inn with fellow Ambassadors Jen @OneMomsWorld and Chele @TheBonaFideLife!  Stay tuned! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Nancy M. said...

Great pictures of the reception! I had a great time! Can't wait to learn more the next couple days. So awesome to meet you in person!

Wendy said...

I don't understand why I'm never invited to these fabulous events!!!! Looks like too much fun! So jealous!

CarolinaMama said...

Wendy, everyone was invited. We posted the invitation post here linking to the sign up. Maybe you can join us next year. I know we follow each other on Twitter and we even gave a couple of tickets away there.

blueviolet said...

You all did such an amazing job with the conference. I was nervous at first, but everyone was so warm and welcoming. I'll be back for sure next year!