The Greener Good: Ultimate Resource for Going Green

As a lover of our planet and making a difference in our environment.... I was completely smitten when I was asked to work with The Greener Good of Fort Worth, Texas whose Owner, is Liz Johnston.  

"The Greener Good is your ultimate resource for going green. We provide products, services, and educational opportunities for those interested in greening their homes, lives, and families. The Greener Good product offering includes home, lawn & garden, home improvement, cleaning, apparel, body, baby and pet products.
Dedication to quality is at the forefront of The Greener Good’s mission. "
On my recent trip to the Blissdom Conference in Nashville, The Greener Good sent me along some of their luxurious items.  And they are recycled!  You heard it. 
Here are the great products I am in love with from The Greener Good.  Remember that these are made with recycled products and great detail.  And they quality is high. 
1) The Pestoe Cable Knit Boot by Simple is amazingly comfortable from "first-ever-slipped-on-my-foot!"  This boot is both soft and comfortable and warm.  It is perfect for Moms! I wear these with jeans and yoga pants and am out the door.  They have that clean and simple fashion so they go with everything. The sole is nice because I have tried it out in the snow! 

2) Sleeveless Bamboo Yoga Top   and Bamboo Pajama Bottom. Mom Fashion PJ's!  Yes! These are awesome and amazingly comfortable.  These are also Made in the USA!!  How many clothing items do you find Made in the USA lately?  And they are made with an organic Bamboo, recycled and hypoallergenic!  That is a tall order and you sleep peacefully in these just knowing how good for you they are! 

Have this adorable Tar Heel UNC Blue Bamboo Skirt on my Wish List! :)  Look how cute: 

3) FAVORITE:  Recycled Seashell Evening Bag!    All of Blissdom fell in love with this Seashell bag! I adore it!  

And it was perfect for the Conference.   In the evenings, the last thing I wanted to do is carry a big bag - that is ideal during the day - so I was able to slip this Red Carpet Ready Handbag on my wrist and move on.  No worries about losing it because it felt like a fancy bracelet.  

And I heard, "I love your bag!" literally hundreds of times! :)  

It held all my necessities:  iPhone, Lip Liner, Lip Stick, mints, tissues (2), Room KeyCard, $$ and one night I even got my phone charger and plugin in it! :)  That was a good night!  One night I carried my iPhone and put my FlipUltra in the purse. That was a good night!  You can see the potential for the good nights with this Seashell Bag! :) 

Get ready for the Spring Reveal:  Great Recycled and Beautiful Fun Jewelry by The Greener Good!  love it!  

What are your go to shops for awesome products that really go green: Made in the USA!  Hypoallergenic and Recycled?  I believe I have found mine!  Thank you The Greener Good! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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