AGloves: Perfect Valentine's Gift Set for Technology Lovers

Technology Lover - that is what I am referred to as and many of us MomBloggers here.  Really, we're just savvy but to others we're Technology Lovers because we manage the world through our "Screens" - whether it be iPhone (Apple Girl through and through for a few years now),  Droid (shout out to One Moms World and others!) Blackberry (BoulderMountainMan! :)  iPad, etc. 

Guess what!  Tech lovers no longer have to have cold fingers when they utilize their touch screens!  Enter the AGloves!  

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Gift for your Love, Like or Social Media Mom Friend?  Look no further AGloves has you covered!  Check out their sweet Valetine's Gift packaged with TLC. 

This is a Limited Edition Product Release for February 2011.  Take it from me, these  AGloves work like a charm.  No cold hands while iPhone, texting, iPad, etc.   Technology brilliance! 

The (g)lovely new way to give silver for Valentine’s Day
Boulder, Colo. -- This February 14 tech-savvy valentines can give Twice The Love with Agloves silver-threaded touch screen gloves and Chocolove gourmet chocolate.  
Wrapped in a romantic red organza bag with silky drawstrings, the Valentine’s Twice the Love Bundle by Agloves is a limited edition gift package that includes one pair of Agloves, one Chocolove dark chocolate/cherry/almond flavor 1.3-ounce bar, and one “I (g)love you” Valentine’s mini card with poem for $24.99. Valentines will be warm inside and out with silver love and chocolate love. 
Agloves, the most simple and elegant touch screen gloves, are knitted with real silver nylon to conduct sweet nothings from their fingertips to touch screen and straight to your heart with accuracy and precision. No mixed messages here! Agloves make it easy to text “I love you too” with warm silver love gloves that will keep everyone texting, typing, and tweeting even on cold winter days. 
Product Features
Available exclusively at or on Amazon in the US only
Gift-ready bundle includes: 
1 pair Agloves, touch screen gloves S/M, M/L or XL
1 Chocolove 1.3-ounce bar, dark chocolate/cherry/almond flavor 
1 Valentine’s mini card with poem
Wrapped in a romantic red organza bag with satin drawstrings
Limited Edition – order early
Agloves Details
Work on all touch screens
Snug-fitting for precision and dexterity
10-finger functionality
Warm and washable
Elegant, straightforward style
Angela Barbosa, vice president/marketing

I just adore their " Screen Gloves !"  in this Valentine's Gift Set! :)  What do you want for Valentine's Day?!!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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