On Being Perfect...

On being perfect ... or not!

This picture is great.  It's not perfect.  Yet, I kinda like it.  And I really like that I like the message!  Love it in fact, so much so that I stopped to get a photo of it.  It's not perfect.

Dear CarolinaMama,
You do not have to be perfect.  Really dear! "Your weakness is made perfect in Him."  Amen.

I pause and wonder do I truly believe this.  In theory, I know yes, of course, I know this.  Yet, as a Mom involved immensely with my family, my community, my online community and all the things "we" do, do I look for perfection every day?

Sometimes the answer is a resounding yes.  Those days are a challenge because of the bar I have set.  I love a goal and a "high bar" to reach.  However, I do not love seeking the impossible.

I do love the idea that my "weakness is made perfect in Him."  That is a beautiful thing.  And it points my life back to Christ not to me.  In Christ alone, I can't go wrong... now that's perfection.

Do you set the bar high?  Do you expect perfection from yourself without realizing it?  Do you know you can be perfected in Christ?  Have an awesome day!

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Jen @ One Moms World said...

I love this reminder. Only perfection we look at is our great Lord Jesus.