Earth Day - What's Your Walk Score

Happy Earth Day!

We just discovered our home has a 50% walkability score! Ideally, it would be great to have a walkability score of 100%. I'd love to walk everywhere. I have lived in a community with 98% walkability. It was fantastic!

You can check your Walk Score by clicking below. Close the window that says no address and enter your own. It's fun!

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73 out of 100 — Very Walkable

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Here is a family committed to leaving a lighter footprint on the earth. One day this husband to a family of four woke up and said, "We have seven sofas!..." which lead to an amazing project for them. Building a Green House!

In many ways, it is just another day here. For some time now, we have made an effort at going green, recycling - kudos to Mountain Man who recycles on our curb recycle pick-up and who weekly takes other items to the recycling center! It's a commitment and one he is sharing with our whole family.

Really! What man do you know that recycles anything he can find in the kitchen before he sits down to dinner. Did I say it is a commitment! Because I also have a commitment to serving homemade hot meals at home and sitting down to dinner together.

Sometimes I'll admit, it is easier to just throw things away. Than to break it down and put it in separate recycling containers, etc. Yet every little bit helps. We do some things naturally and we are adding things all the time to our greener home. We're also choosing more organic foods - for us that means going local! We love North Carolina homegrown vegetables and more.

Here are some simple ways things we have done to right-size our home and life that we want to share this Earth Day!

1) Have an accessible recycling center for all cereal boxes, oatmeal cartons, etc. that can be broken down and recycled.
2) Once a week, my husband and sons take all recycling that is not picked up by our neighborhood recycling services;
3) We use energy efficient light bulbs throughout our home - reducing energy use and cost;
4) Simply use the many logo bags and designer bags that you have to carry library books, groceries and other items;
5) Visit your local Farmer's Market for healthy local fare.
6) For the 12 1/2 years we have been married, we have used a Britta water cooler to filter our water in the refrigerator. We have filtered, cold water and we are constantly refilling water bottles, and glasses of water at home. (less plastic in landfills)
7) We made the choice of a wood-burning fire place in our home - for warmth, and sustainability and we love it! There's something about a real fire. And less energy used.

What are some of your favorite things to do to conserve the earth? Are you walking lightly?


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Wendy said...

Ha! Our house scored 0. That's what I get for living in the country. Not that I mind all that much... I probably drive less now than to run errands then when the store was only 2 minutes away in Georgia because I try to condense all errands into one trip per week or two weeks.

Wendy said...

(Sorry about the grammatical errors- my youngest was talking to me while I typed.)

Colored With Memories said...

very interesting! i don't think our house will score well, off to find out!


Nancy M. said...

Mine was a 0 too! I would rather live out here in the country anyway! But, we hardly ever go anywhere, we love home.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

You can tell we live in the country. Our score was 2 out of 100.

I'm so impressed how high your's was. That is one feature I loved about where we lived in Florida. Having the supermarket there in our development and M's school right behind our house in our development. I walked her to school every day. I do miss that.