Wild Animal Sanctuary and the Turkey Movie

The Wonders of Wildlife! This Thanksgiving, I wanted to pay it forward with a little post about the amazing The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado! My Tigers' Colorado Auntie adopted a Pumpkin for them a couple of years ago and it has been a beautiful thing for all of us!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is doing wonderful things for the animals. Go to their website and check out all the ways you can adopt, donate and spread the word about this awesome non-profit! You can receive their Newsletter and see wonderful things like this cute Turkey Movie!

Here is a video The Wild Animal Sanctuary sent us for Thanksgiving so we're passing it along! Ode to the Turkey...

You can read more about the Sanctuary in Colorado by visiting

Happy Thanksgiving! The Cranberry Sauce is made, the potatoes are cooking.... more preparation in store that a drawing a Turkey and off to Art Lessons! We're Thankful!


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Kelli said...

My children enjoyed watching the video. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rona's Home Page said...

Marcus and I are heading to our church for Blessfest. While my husband is in for a long day at Kmart.

We celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday. Marcus and I made the whole dinner! And the hubby loved it!

We wish you and your's a Happy Thanksgiving!

Cher said...

Saying Hi and Following you from Mama Bzz!