RDU Tennis Teacher Work Day and Track Out Camp - All Schools

Quick Press Release sponsored by RDU Tennis!

Do you have a plan for November 11th Veteran's Day and for Teacher Work Days?

Here's an All School awesome Tennis Camp! Trust me, thanks to RDU Tennis I am a "Tennis Mom!" That's right! I have the opportunity to take private tennis lessons as a child and now, I am thrilled the Tigers are learning this great sport. These small camps give individual instruction and small group court time.

Brian Rosenthal has the answer, *Send your child to Five Oaks Club in the Durham and Chapel Hill area on 11/11 when they are out of school and you are at work!"

Here is the link: Five Oaks Club Intercession Camp for Winter Intersession and Traditional Holiday Camp Weeks As Well! Remember Wednesday @ Five Oaks Club, Teacher Work Day Camp for All Schools!

Brian Rosenthal runs these amazing instructional, atheletic camps for children through out North Carolina! Right now you can check out Five Oaks Tennis Camp.

Have questions or want more information? Call Brian Rosenthal, Owner, RDU Tennis, LLC @ 919-395-7329

Just for fun, your children might like this link to the Official Wimbledon Tennis Website. I know the Tigers love real Tennis and I loved our Breakfasts at Wimbledon as a child! Check it out and call Brian or register here! :)



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Kelli said...

Wish I lived in your area so we could attend!!!

Shannon said...