Oh What Joy - Raising Boys

Disclosure: This raising boys business is not for the faint of heart.

I'm a Boy Mom! Twin Boy Mom at that and what a joy to raise boys!

"Joy is not the absence of suffering, it is the presence of God."
– Unknown

It is a joy to raise these boys to become men. Men of God, men of integrity, men with character. it's a tall order. It can be a daunting task and yet God calls. Where He calls, He also equips!

There is a joy and yet it is not free of work, of training, of persistence, of toil and even tears.... Yet, it is complete with the active, fun, laughter and presence of God! Seen behind the eyes and smile of a young boy. I think that is one of my biggest joys as a mother of twin sons, is that it draws me daily - often throughout the day - into the presence of God with complete awareness like I did not know before raising my sons. With that presence of God comes a dependence upon God like I've never known.

Daily I realize with wonderment and awe, "God chose me to do this!" Sometimes I wonder if these two, my Tigers, are more than God, Mountain Man and I can handle! And then I realize the job God has for them to do may be larger than life, than Mountain Man and me, but God knows and may He lead.

My heart was truly blessed when one of the Pastors told us with a candid affinity, "Our children do not fly under the radar, and I'm okay with that! We really wouldn't want it any other way!"

It's a beautiful, busy and bold life! I'm thankful I get to live it, every minute!

Seriously, there are days when I wonder what God was thinking when He chose a little girl who loved to play in her two story doll house, cook in her EZ bake oven, loved Pink and playing Piano, to raise twin sons in the twenty-first century!

And then I remember the girl who loved camping down by the river banks where her Daddy would carry her to the river to rinse the sand off of her feet at night, loved to climb the big Oak tree, swing on the tire swing below and bike ride endlessly.

Raisin' Boys!

Fast forward to this day, married to my own Man of Character, Mountain Man, birth Twin Sons, establish a homeschool in the mix, I get to do this - all of this - all day every day!

Apparently God didn't want me getting any more distracted with lipstick, nail polish and good shopping than I do already, so He made it real clear - these boys, raise 'em right! Each day, we wake up anew, rededicate them to Him and aim to do just that!


My Mama always said she hoped I'd get one just like me one day. I did! I got two just like me on the same day! And wouldn't have that any other way either!

Are you raisin' boys?


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Nancy M. said...

Boys are wild and fun! Gotta love them!

Melissa said...

My second boy is due in March so I'll be right there with you pretty soon!

I grew up in a house of all girls (three of us) so all this stuff with trucks, cars and trains is all new to me!

Mel (@adventuroo)

Kelli said...

Eloquently said!! Raising boys (and girls for that matter) appears at times to be so difficult. I guess if it was easy, we'd be doing something wrong. Thanks for the encouragement that with God, ALL things are possible!!!

Shannon said...

Those middle shots are too cute! You should blow those up and frame them.
Someone asked me why I never bring both twins to the wrestling matches, bleachers, sitting for two hours. HA! They just don't get it.

Beth in NC said...

Girl, I wouldn't have a clue how to raise a boy. You are doing a great job! They were so mannerly when I met them. And lookie there! I recognize that hay ride!


Jen @ One Moms World said...

What an awesome post! God definitely knew what he was doing when he chose to bless you with two wonderful sons. You are such a blessing and raising those boys to be such Godly men for the future.

I love all the pictures :)