The Homeschool Read Alouds

The Homeschool that reads together truly progresses and finds enrichment!

So I have learned from those who have gone before and from our own reading to our children all along. There is something perfection about our children when we are reading to them. I love to see their eyes dance and light up as they listen to the words. Gain a new concept or just follow the character development and story line.

One of the benefits of homeschooling our boys and getting lots of extra reading time. When the boys were in school, I was a regular in the classroom volunteering in some aspect, whether as Room Mom, Fundraising, Lunch Room, Snacks, ESL etc. However, my favorite was "Book and a Bite!" where I gathered a select handful of books to read to my child and his friends in the classroom while they ate their lunch.

It was a simple act. One I loved and my sons were crazy for and so as we have homeschooled, we've sort of kept this activity going. The boys are happiest when I say let's eat outside and have Book and a Bite. I am too.

It's simple and yet communal. What could be better? Books and Nature. Those who read here know we love all things nature and outdoorsy. So enjoying books outdoors is no surprise.

Currently, we are reading "Trumpet of the Swan!" and we are loving it at each page turn. It is a delightful read by E.B. White of Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little. I have to say we almost love this one as much.

Read Alouds For Homeschoolers and All:

1) Reading aloud fosters a love of learning;
2) Develops a child's thinking skills;
3) Helps his imagination and
4) Piques his creativity
5) Leaves them loving reading and begging for more.

As the Reader here are some ideas on the "how to" of effective Read Alouds:
1) Get comfortable - sofa, cushy chairs, outdoors,
2) Have fun - here I rolled up a chair - this added a lot of character and was a fun new way to engage;

3) Be expressive. Children love excitement and your own creativity in reading and expressing each character and the plot as it develops
4) Show the pictures where everyone can see; let them know everyone will get a chance to see.
5) Let them color, doodle and even write a key word you call out on occasion. This works well for us. At the end, they have a pretty picture with key words about the story.

*Have a Bookmark on hand, you'll be so ready to pick right up where you left off.

After a great afternoon of reading, the Tigers had their eyes on this huge pile of leaves and we let the sun set on the boys while playing in the leaves. By the end, it looked like this...


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Nancy M. said...

I remember the fun of jumping in a pile of leaves. Since we live in the country, we don't rake leaves anymore, so no jumping for my kids. That's kinda sad.

I got the Trio set the other day. I just want to say thank you so much! I'm saving it for Christmas, since money is tight right now. I'm sure they are going to love it!

Carolina Mama said...

Nancy, so happy you like it. It crossed my mind too that these are great Christmas presents! In fact, we may add to ours for Christmas! Enjoy!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

I love the leaf jumping and so happy my girls aren enjoying it now as well. You are looking so good as well!! My girls love to read so much.. L makes up her own stories to the pictures but M is reading so well. It is one of my favorite times with them.

Kelli said...

God has given us a huge playground!! Love the leaf pic!! We love to read and be read to around here!! Great tips!!

Shannon said...

Teehee, just agreeing with Nancy. Can't even begin to keep up with our leaf situation. Anyhoo, my mom used to read out loud to us and we loved it. I have carried it on with my kiddos and was greatly rewarded during the teacher conference as she praised the buddies. Then she said,"I can tell they are read to on a regular basis". Wow, who knew?