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Let's talk about Health Care. Yes? A resounding Yes! here. With all this talk about Health Care Reform, families are scurrying to make sense of it all: What will family health care look like in America when Washington is finished.

Washington aside. I was happy to be asked to research and review UnitedHealthCare. StudentResources., a division of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, who has been dedicated to student insurance programs for over 40 years. Though this is a sponsored post, I am thrilled to learn about this health care plan.

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources has earned client confidence and a national reputation by offering only the finest, HIPAA-compliant student health plans.

United Health Care Student Resource says: "Our stature as a market leader lets us offer your school, association or students comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost with many of the best health care providers in the nation.

Because UHCSR focuses on students, they have a better understanding of the unique needs of this age group (children 5-18 years old).."

Some of the key benefits of UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Include:
*The health plan offers protection/coverage for injury AND sickness, 24/7/365.
*UHCSR's program is only available through many participating school districts and participating private schools. Nationally available through schools that belong to the Association of Christian Schools International.
*The Health Plan is available to K12 students from ages 5 - 18 (ages 4-18 in Texas)
*Designed to be affordable at $588 per policy year or $98 every two months. Parents can enroll their student at any point in the school year.

They even outline Plans and Pricing here. You can see Enrollment information here.

Admittedly, I think these are some great selling points that reach out to young families who are seeking to insure their children themselves or outside of their business or corporations offerings.

This is a sponsored post. Though my thoughts and research personally regarding insurance is my own recap.

So what do you think of UnitedHealthCare StudentResources. It sounds like it has so much to offer as far as I am concerned. Let me know your thoughts or other options you are aware of right now.


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Shannon said...

Our HSA is through them. They also do all the schools coverage, and sports coverage for our county.