You Can Call Me Sweetie Anytime

Carolina Mama has no problem with being called "Sweetie!" You can call me "Sweetie" anytime. Is it me, or is the media just allowing the desire for "15 minutes of fame" to be perpetuated. Apparently, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama referred to a reporter as "Sweetie" in Detroit while touring a auto manufacturer. Is it just me, or is this deemed news to most folks? It seems to me a glorified attempt at a newstory. Or an attempt at a few minutes in the limelight.

Of course, I'm revealing my Southern nature where "Sweetie" is not an issue. Sweet Tea. Sweet Me. Sweetie. In fact, this morning it was prior to this news break, I was visiting my local Starbucks when I was informed the brew I was waiting for had just run out and my Barista was brewing a fresh pot. Before Carolina Mama knew it, I replied, "Dear, not a problem." Fortunately, I didn't get called out, but you know I am not Barack Obama or anything. And I do live in Dixie, maybe that is the issue here. Michigan, North Carolina Michigan, North Carolina.... I'm just saying... and somehow I just know my Barista will be waiting on me tomorrow morning without a bit of dismay over being called "Dear" by Carolina Mama. Just wondering if they will have the same complaints in Kentucky? Will Kentucky reporters make a national issue of a "Sweetie" slip?... I'm just saying.


Mrs. Decker said...

I'm not even an Obama supporter and I find this ridiculous! Obviously I will never run for political office.....I always call people Honey.

Wendy said...

My daughter's baseball coach calls all the kids "hon", as in honey. I think using endearments is a Southern thing. Sugar, Sweetie, Darlin', and Honey are often heard around these parts.

I really don't think that's worthy of a news story. Are they just looking for something to get outraged over?