Family Hike and Prayer for Family Friends

On this ordinary weekend, my family has spent great time together and you see in the pictures above, we've truly enjoyed Creation.  Something has been on my mind since an email popped open this morning.   A dear friend wrote, "I found out on Wednesday that I have breast cancer.  Even as I write those words, it still seems so I'm acting in a play, or talking about someone else.  I have absolutely no risk factors (age, family history, lifestyle) that would put me in this position.  But, I have a God who has seen fit to allow this cancer into my life and therefore, into the lives of you all, my dear family and friends."  She is an awesome Christian wife, mother, daughter, friend.  They have three sons.  Young sons.  They are precious boys age 5, 7 and 9.  Please join us in praying for God's will, protection and peace upon this great family. 
Our days truly are numbered.  Are we living them as if today were the last?! I'm reminded again why I love to count my blessings. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for this dear family.  

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