Mother Duck With Her Ducks In A Row

This picture from our lake hike yesterday reminds me of my mother.  Maybe it's with Mother's Day around the corner.  Though I think it would just remind me of her.  Let me explain.  I am one of five children.  And my mother was always talking about 'getting her ducks in a row.'  As a mother of twin sons, I know what she means now! 
Often, I find myself saying, "I need to get my ducks in a row."  My boys always find that one really funny.  They don't quiet understand yet.  Mother duck is so graceful, so nurturing and yet she knows when to let her young go.  This one, I am struggling with for sure.  Letting go.  Right now, we're just enjoying getting in a row together.  Have a great weekend!  Next week is Mother's Day.  What reminds you of your mother? 

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