Mother's Day as a Daughter and Mama

The Tigers are excited about Mother's Day. What sweeties! They have been busying themselves around here at any little turn with paper, gel pins, glitter glue and the likes. Of course, it will all wait until they are ready to present. Not always on the day. Yet, nonetheless, this Mama will be happy any day with notes and missives from the Cherubs.

They sang beautifully at the Chorus performance last night. There were many great songs yet, I especially loved hearing one hundred first graders belt out, "God Bless America!"

I posted a special link about my mother here by Carolina Mama (under member profiles) so please enjoy and let me know about you and your mother. It's a special day to share and enjoy!

Another little Mother's Day happiness I enjoy is pampering. All things girly and pink if you can! First of all, if you know me and if you're getting to know me, I/we celebrate most special dates oh, for week or so easy. That said, this week started the Mother's Day Celebration. I started here! What a thrill and really kicked up my Mother's Day excitement a bit. Gel Salon Caryand Victoria are the key words let me tell you. A real beautician who 'listens' to your wants. You read it right. Not only does Victoria listen, she can do what you request! (the actual service - okay, regarding my hair - that's a whole other post which is so worth it's own space. so come back soon.) Until then, go and enjoy! And thanks for making me look good Victoria! ;)

Also, I'm enjoying my new Clarins mascara right here . Yes, it's been a while but isn't that what it takes every now and then to really enjoy our favorite things an a daily basis. My previous favorite was their navy mascara - so natural and beautiful. Now I am back to basic black . Whatever your favorite take advantage of the promotion and save right here .

Let me know what your Mother's Day indulgences are! And most of all, let's remember the most important thing about being a mother, time well spent with our children and family! Happy Mother's Day!
Carolina Mama

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