North Carolina Primary and Poison Ivy

A day in the life... is it Tuesday? It's a big day in North Carolina with the NC Primary. Let's just say that is as far as I am taking politics here at Carolina Mama.

However, I do have in more important world news, I've got a little one home with poison ivy! All of those nice looking trails that lead to what Mountain Man calls, Bush Wacking, can lead to a little/big thing called poison ivy. We left the remedy in the capable hands of our pediatrician. However, I have heard a couple of home remedies. Anything you would share? It has to be something you would or have actually tried. :)

TigerA is happy to be home with his Carolina Mama and getting some tutorials one-on-one and lots of reading. The original Homeschool! And an extra trip to the library leave him saying what am I missing at school?! Oh, all the friends and he did write a cute note to his teacher this morning with a little heart on it saying he missed her, too.

Otherwise, life is good. It hasn't spread and he is out of the contagious zone so life is great!

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Nikki said...

Hi Carolina! Just wanted to make sure you got my eamil about the blog makeover! No rush or anything, I just like to comment on the blogs as well as I know sometimes my emails go to the junk :)