I am a Mommyblogger Twitter Me

"I am a Mommyblogger. Twitter Me!" Ya'll I am already hopelessly hooked. You know as if blogging, Starbucks and the likes are not enough. Yes, it's that kind of hooked. You can StumbleUpon me, you can DiggIt /Me, but just Twitter Me!

When I gave birth to the Twins I knew nothing would compare in a million lifetimes. I just didn't know anything could come remotely close. The Tigers are so much fun, I didn't think anything would come close to fun in a million lifetimes. Again, I just didn't know my new friend, would come along. ;) Expect more soon because this is too fun. Now, Oh, Twitter, Oh Twitter, is there anyway to Twitter the Tigers all day!?! Wanna join me?!

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