Fat Brain Toys and Twin Boys

Like most moms, we're mapping out our summer fun around here. In the Carolinas there are lots of school options. Traditional, Year-Round Tracks I - IV, Homeschool, Private, Public, you get the idea. We are on the Traditional track. Since our school calendar is traditional, we're getting everything we want to do this summer on the calendar.

One thing is for certain, there will be a healthy amount of lazy mornings and/or afternoons at the pool. And I am working on resources to keep the boys sharp academically for Fall. One thing I'm taken back to that is more about our parenting style is activities, toys, and books that make our children think. What joy when I discovered FatBrainToys.com, a great company selling some of our family favorites like these which just happen to need restocking. So check them out and let us know what you're up to this summer.

Our family is expecting some very special family visiting us July 4th. That will no doubt be a highlight.

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