Michael's Seafood Restaurant Carolina Beach, NC

After our fabulous excursion at the NC Aquarium Fort Fisher, we were starving.  And the perfect recommendation was just that - perfect!  We had a late lunch at Michael's Seafood Restaurant known for their World Famous Chowder!  Yes, it is so famous, you can order it from their site and they ship any where in the world! 

Michael's Seafood  *Voted "Restaurant of the Year" but he Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

There was a steady drizzling rain as we left the Aquarium so when we arrived at Michael's, it put you in the mood for the Chowder. It was all that and totally lived up to its name!  We LOVED it!  this is a perfect meal spot after visiting the NC Aquarium! :)

You see the boys were excited to be there with their NC Aquarium Friends, "Sandy" and "Rocky," their sharks!

We got a little more Aquarium action in the restaurant.  The boys 
had fun checking out the 4 or 5 aquariums in the restaurant!

Without further ado, here is a real shot of me enjoying the world-famous 
Michael's Seafood Chowder!  

Oh man, this was awesome!  Honestly, I could have made a meal of a bowl of this! 

Captain M's Seafood Chowder wins 1st place in the 2011
Great Chowder Cook Off, seafood chowder division!

The Salad was awesome with the Chowder.  I loved the sun dried tomatoes and 
Spinach. It was fresh and cold. And abundant, I shared it with my Auntie. :) 
This photo is half a portion and I had a couple bites already.

The Tigers, yes, they LOVED this vacation.  They got to order what they wanted. Okay, I 
will admit, I did not make them get seafood. I just played the Good Mom :) and let them 
get Pizza again!  They worked out so hard and swam so much, so they were fine. 

This Chocolate Sushi made my day!  How fun is this!  It was similar to a Mounds.  :)
Chocolate and Sweet Coconut - you cannot go wrong. This was a light, sweet treat
commence our meal. 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: Michael's Seafood Restaurant hosted our visit along with the Wilmington Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Opinions are all my own. Thank you for hosting us, y'all.  We'll be back! 

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