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BlogHer12 was such a fabulous time.  One of my absolute favorite evenings was with 

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 "CAbi is a relaxed shopping experience, where beautiful, high quality clothes are brought to you in the comfort of a home by a trained fashion Consultant, who values service over sales. Each season, women flock to CAbi shows around the country because they love the exclusive access to incredible designs, shopping with their best girlfriends by their sides, and having a personal style Consultant who has their best interests in mind!"

Nicole of MomTrends and Andrea of SavvySassyMoms
were truly the Hostesses Extraordinaire with this entire evening. 
Thank you Nicole and Andrea! 

The venue was perfectly New York City.   The Penthouse of The London Hotel! 
This was a lovely hotel in and of itself and the Penthouse 
was awesome for the CAbi Party!  

The sleek, white and enormous views of 
Manhattan, Central Park and the Hudson River will stay with this Southern Girl for a long time!

Now on to the Fall Fashion finds!   Look at these beautiful Fall Fashion styles. 
We got a glimpse of the CAbi Fall line and CAbi totally spoiled the Moms 
by letting us choose two pieces to take home to look fashionable in our own 
hometowns.  It was fun to try on the clothes. 

It was hard to choose because all the clothes were quality, comfortable and beautiful! 

Once we chose you can see our Happy Faces with our choices in hand! 
Thanks CAbi!  Loved catching up with blogger friends! 

LOVED talking with Hostess Nicole and JoLynn Musings of a Housewife again. 
JoLynn and I even got to talk a little Gluten Free. :) 

Mom Fashionistas talking all things Fashion, Moms, Social Media, NYC, etc. 
You see!  Great to see Christine and JoLynn. 

 Vera Sweeney talk time! :)  And got to actually talk with TheMeredithSinclair rather than wave at her like some conferences past. :) 


Two of my other "Favorite Things" at the party were: 

The awesome, healthy and oh, so tasty Hansen's Natural Sodas!  We LOVE their all-natural 
Diet Root Beer!  No preservatives and no artificial And of course, others. I LOVED the Cherry Cream Soda as well! 

 Hansen's is so fun... 

Make Up FOREVER Parisfrom Sephora!  Oh, my starts, this is my new favorite me! 
The long-lasting lipstick and gloss is Rocking Raleigh! Still. 

True story, I had an emergency Dental Procedure and I had on not a sparkle of 
makeup so I grabbed my FOREVER lips and applied so quickly and 
sailed right through my 2 hour and 45 minute "overlay" procedure with 
Fashionable Lips! Thank you Make UP FOREVER Paris! 
No wonder I LOVE it!  Paris! 

Of course, small town girl could not resist these amazing Manhattan Views! 
Look how lovely! 

Here are the CAbi Models Rocking the Style Suite! 

Carolina Mama 

FTC Disclosure:  Thank you CAbi and Nicole and Andrea. It was an honor to spend time with other Fashionista Friends! And enjoy the new CAbi Clothing this Fall! Opinions all my own. 

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Jill said...

Glad you had such a great time! Some of my fave people and CAbi really has some fun stuff!