Fashion Friday: Lands' End Chino Challenge

We LOVE Lands' End and we Love a good Challenge.  So, we were tickled Khaki when Lands' End asked us to participate in the "Chino Challenge!"  When they asked us:  

How Do YOU Chino? .... well, we had the perfect answer! 

Boulder Mountain Man stepped up to the Chino Challenge.  

He chose this Chino for his Fall Fashion Statement! 

Lands' End Men's Plain Front Traditional Fit No Iron :) Chino
Color: Light Stone

Did you hear... "No Iron!"  Hold me! 

Lands' End Chino

My husband LOVES Khakis!  And he LOVES Lands' End's quality.  They are a heavier fabric and have quality in the structure.  We loves the Light Stone and how they are so versatile.  

So "how does he Chino?  Well, here you go?  He is a music buff and he plays the Piano....

This represents his Personal Style!  He and his beloved Conga Drums.  Here he is playing one at home.   He usually looks happy like 
this while he makes music.  He plays in our church orchestra percussion and wears his 
Chinos all.the.time! 

My favorite part of how he "Chinos" is that theses "Best Seller" Lands' End Chinos are a No Iron Pant! 
Hallelujah!  This makes my life.  He looks all handsome, he is comfortable and I don't have to iron to make it so.  Thank you Lands' End! 

Carolina Mama 

*FTC Disclosure:  Lands' End Sponsored this post.  Opinions are all my own.  

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