Lazy Daze 2012 Family Fun


We just can't help ourselves... we LOVE Lazy Daze! :) 

And today's perfect weather had us swooning.  We had the best time!

And it is always so fun to see so many friends throughout the Festival. 

And let our kids play and have fun...

Then there is the food... oh man, I've got the boys trained!  Thank heavens. 
That and us watching the Weight of the Nation DVDs.  So they were all on target 
with "Dad, Mom, no wonder our country has an obesity problem...
Fried Reese's, Fried Twinkies! Fried Oreos!" Really!  And this was for real. 

Our favorite is the Kettle Corn.  It is not calorie and fat free either! :) 
Especially when you buy the largest bag available... however, there were four of us who 
ate it.  Five if you count the lady we gave a ride to her car and we poured her some. :) 
Oh, that was worth the calories in gold... Kettle Gold! :) 

We walked a lot so there was a little calorie burning going on. 
And a little dancing to these guys... 
I loved the Hymn they sane right when we got there. Real North Carolina. 
They sounded bluegrass and jazzy. Love. 

Boulder Mountain Man got directions to the Kettle Corn stat. :) 

I mean, this is serious business.  We found our the lovely Pirate Show 
was not here this year. We LOVE them.  There was a lot of other fun though. 

Convivial Cary! 

Yes, we avoided this.  However, I could not avoid the temptation to snap this beauty. 
Even if they taste like greece and lard, they made a great "Don't eat this" photo. :) 
Well, there could be worse things than 'Homemade Chips." 

I loved all of the attention to detail with the handmade krafts. 

And the pretty Turtle. Love. 

These festivals are so great for spotting Pinterest Art! Love this one. 

Or, these hand me thinking Christmastime! 

This made my day!  The Tigers found their treasure for this year. :) 
They LOVED these Dragons and Snakes. 

See their new best friends... :)

On, the joy.  I love that they love stuffed animals, still. And they still love 
the share. 

Lovebirds. :) 

Love this company I discovered from Charleston, South Carolina "Charleston Soap Chef!" 
Is this not awesome!  Here's the Owner! 
She is selling her goods.  We talked a little and I love her product. 

Then it was on to - what else - Writing things! :) 
This is important y'all!  I was already planning 
Christmas! :) 

And getting the scoop on the best ink pads for my projects. 
He was very nice. 

How 'bout those Cotton Balls!  LOVE this innovative company from Richmond! 

On U!  Love the creative name and these pieces were fantastic. 

Tiger B LOVED meeting fellow Knitters. They talked yarn, patterns, etc. 

He was so enthused to see these patterns and designs. So proud of him. 

More family fun!  Here we are at the epicenter. 

Remember that Kettle Corn!  Check out this hot batch! Fresh!
Dad got the largest bag of Kettle Corn and shared with us. 
Everyone was happy!  

It's a wonder he got any! lol 

We're next!  :) 

We were happy, worn out and ready to get home for lunch and 
yes, the pool so the Tigers can swim laps. 

The Page Walker Hotel is a National Landmark. We always love visiting here. 

Awesome a Train just as we left!  Choo Choo! 

 Pure joy and beauty. Loved this. 

And one more dip.... 

We truly had a blast!  This is such a fabulous North Carolina Tradition! :) 

Warmly, Carolina Mama 

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