Rivet and Sway Eyewear Review: Cool Specs

Glasses have been a part of my life since 6th Grade!  I remember going with my mother to see my Attorney Daddy in Court.  We would usually get to take turns, if our Homework was completed, going to see him "argue" in Court. (He was good. Never lost. Proud Daughter.)

My mother and I would meet him and go to lunch.  As we were driving to the Court House, my mother pointed out a license plate on the car in front of us.  No response.  She asked me again... well, I couldn't read the plate... and I was in the front seat.

So began my Glasses wearing career. :)  

Glasses can be fun.  I enjoy all of the fun styles of glasses.  In 1992, I was one of the first to order Ralph Lauren's "square" frame.  It was a bold leap of faith back then.... Today, we're mainstream.  And they are still my favorites.

This time I added a little color punch.  Thanks to the fabulous company Rivet & Sway!  

See I felt right at home in SoHo NYC with my new ....

Rivet & Sway Rizzo Crushed Velvet! 

They were so fun at the Scholastic Breakfast at BlogHer!  This was the perfect setting to debut my new eyewear.  {By the way, Check out the Scholastic APP Storia. You and yours will LOVE!}


So I started with the "Take Home Kit" which is SO awesome!  Choose three frames to have mailed to your home of fitting BEFORE you order your frame of choice. And get ready, you will fall in love
with all three more than likely.  

See look!  I love No. 1 Denim fade and No. 2 is a classic. And No. 3 is Rizzo, my choice/love!
Naturally, I am eager to order my next pair! :)

Then I mailed the box of (3) back to Rivet & Sway.  Ordered my fav THAT SAME DAY

That simple! :) Then two days later, I flew to NYC for BlogHer and met April of 
Rivet & Sway in person and picked up my glasses! :) 

Yours would be mailed out ASAP... 

And you will be as happy as I was to have mine for the fun BlogHer and Scholastic events! 
My friend, Jen, loved them!  We had fun at the Breakfast. 

Here's the picture April got for the Rivet & Sway Pinterest Board! 
Look out for the cool glasses! :) 

Rivet and Sway makes it fun and easy to order Fashionable and Quality Eyewear 
from home with home delivery!  Win win! 

See why I totally adore these in Crushed Velvet! :)  Perfection! 

That's the joy of Specs! 
And you will LOVE the boxes just as much as I did. See the coolness! 

Once again, see how pretty the look up close. Since I am such a PINK Lover, I knew I 
would adore the two tone of these glasses.  They are comfortable as well. 

Here is another view of my favorite glasses right now! 
They are so comfortable and light weight even though they pack a lot of class and style! 

For My Readers - A Discount CODE! Now you can try them yourself!  Here's a 20% OF Discount Code. Expires 8/26

coupon code: CWHOUB11ABC897
discount: 20%
expires: 8/26

Hope you enjoy and let me know what frames you order!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rivet & Sway as part of my participation in the Blogger Campaign at BlogHer12 NYC.  Opinions are all my own. Love my new specs.

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