Weight Watchers "I'm Dreaming of a Lite Christmas!"

Tonight at our Weight Watchers Meeting, our Leader wanted a "Singer." Now, I have never claimed to be a singer. Ever. I mean I love to sing.... and I love music.

When the Leader is needing a Volunteer and no one volunteers, I was game. And this is what it lead to -

This was totally impromptu and once I volunteered two others and my Leader joined me (thank heavens!). A member took this picture ...

...and me, being the "Media Mom" that I am, I sang it again just for the "full effect" for you all.

Really, this is the kind of fun meetings are and I love them! Here are the lyrics - they are that funny!

"I'm Dreaming of a Lite Christmas!"

"I'm dreaming of a lite Christmas-

not like the ones I used to know;

Now "Free Fruits" are included,

so I don't feel excluded;

From snacks of buttery, sugary dough,

I'm dreaming of a lite Cnristmas

with all the Power Foods I will bite

May your bread be whole grain not white,

and your Points Plus® Chirstmases be lite!" :)

Are you a Weight Watcher Girl? Do you attend Meetings? Online? It's a blast and I love meeting all the Leaders and Members.

Warmly, Carolina Mama


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh, I loved that!! I'm attending WW, too!~! But we sure didn't sing!!

You did good!


Rachel Ferrucci said...

That is AWESOME!!!! I'm routing for you!