Disney Store Fashion Haul - Day-After Christmas Sale

Hope your Christmas was lovely and bright!  We feel very blessed and thankful.  You know we got snow! It was even a White Carolina Christmas! :)

Mountain Man took the Tigers for an amazing sledding adventure and I took to the day-after Christmas sale at the mall.  With Twins Sons whose birthday is soon into the new year, I do what my mother taught me, shop early and on sale!  No wonder my Mom was always prepared for five children on special occasions.

Here is my Disney Store Fashion Haul from the day-after Christmas sale!  That's 50% OFF y'all.  So for once, with twins, it really is "like two for one!" :)  Check out my haul vlog:

Again the items were:

(2) Toy Story 3 Sweat Suits (Sweatshirt and Sweat Pants w/drawstring and elastic!) $7.99 each
(2) Mickey Mouse Sweat Shirts $7.99 each
(1) Lightning McQueen Sweat Pants  $7.99
(1) Jack Black Sweat Pants  $7.99
(2) Toy Story 3 Suit Case Roller Over-night Bags with Toy Story 3 Pillow AND Blanket! $14.99 each
(2) Toy Story 3 Breakfast plates - dishwasher safe. top rack $2.99 each

Total Disney Fashion Haul: $107.62 with Tax!
Disney Gift Card  $100.00
Spent:  $7.62

Happy Mama!  What's your favorite Christmas haul and savings?!  Please share!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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Jen @ One Moms World said...

You did great! We love Disney store and their big sales. I can't wait to hear how the Tigers enjoyed all products :)