Fashion Friday: MomFashion On The Go From Airplane Restroom

Good Morning all! Today I am coming to you live and totally down-to-earth with my Friday Fashion: MomFashion On The Go From The Airplane Restroom. Really!

So like a lot of you, I am a multi-tasker who thrives when I am fulfilling deadlines, juggling my family and meeting commitments.

Last night was no exception, my children and husband were in the Christmas Musical which was so phenomenal. And I was juggling back and forth between the children, a Coach's meeting and then it was home to get some MomBlogger work done, pack for the weekend to see my Carolina Mama and finally get a little rest.

Success - I got it all done. I stayed up too late. SO I found myself at the airport this mrorning with plenty of time for Starbucks and getting a little UNC memorbilia for my Mom and Sister.

One thing - I didn't [gasp!] have on a smidge of makeup. Yikes!

So I did what MomBlogger and Media Moms do - I worked on the go. Traveling Mamas you know. So today I put my Traveling Mama and Friday Fashion advice together on the go for you in video.

... from the Airplane Restroom. :) A new kind of Mile High Club. MomFashion Mile High MakeUp Club. What do you say Moms?! It really works for me.

Here are my quick and easy and oh so effective Make Up Tips from 14,000 feet in the air in route to O'Hare on a Friday morning.

What are your go to MomFashion Tips?! Thanks for sharing!

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Jen @ One Moms World said...

I love it... this is how the traveling mamas roll!

Did you get the compact foundation at the Aveda Salon?

You are so great with make-up! You are a natural artist indeed.

Shannon said...

You rock! Where do you get the Aveda make-up?

Bobbi said...

Love it! I've never used bronzer and now I'm thinking about trying it.

Carolina Mama said...

Thanks y'all! Glad you like it and mainly that you found the tips interesting and worthy to try.

Think you all will love them! The Aveda makeup can be purchased at any Aveda Salon. I do love it and it is clean, neat and i love the look!

Lin said...

Well, heck, I think even I could manage that! I'm so not a makeup girl...but, since I'm hitting 30 next year, I might need to start figuring it out!

Seriously loving that you video'd in the airplane lav! You rock!

From your newest follower! ;)