Interview with Katherine Brooking for Yoplait

“I believe that a healthy lifestyle is within everyone’s reach. My goal is to help consumers make smart food and fitness choices that will enhance their health and well being." 
Katherine Brooking

Recent findings by the Institute of Medicine indicate that many people get their daily calcium from supplements as well as foods, including yogurt. On the heels of this news, Yoplait is making it easier for women to meet their daily calcium needs with newly reformulated Yoplait Original yogurt, which now contains 50 percent Daily Value of calcium in every cup  that’s two times thecalcium of the leading yogurt.

In celebration of its commitment to calcium, Yoplait will also be giving away one million free cups of Yoplait Original beginning December 13. Your readers can get their free cup by going to

It was a real treat to talk with Katherine about the benefits of Calcium for our diets.  And Yoplait makes it easy and tasty to implement calcium into our diets every day.  Plus, let's face it, the many flavors are out-of-this-world!  The Christmastime favorite I hear is that Red Velvet.  We're fans of all the fruity flavors.  

Nonetheless, they all pack a calcium punch.  

You can follow her on her website: and on Twitter @KatBrooking 

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Do you get your daily dose of Calcium?  Is it a challenge?  Are you a yogurt fan?!  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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