Let Rayovac Power Your Holiday Memories - Coupon Codes

We enjoyed a White Carolina Christmas!  Of course, most of the east coast experienced a White Christmas!  Some say, in our area of North Carolina, it was the first since 1947.  Clearly a magical Christmas! 

Magical Moments.  

When I think about our "magical moment" this Holiday, I think of our Christmas picture.  This year's picture is one of those pictures that truly captured our spirit.  It's fun, of-the-moment and whimsical - it's us! 

As a mom of twins, it has never been easy to get a family of four to look at the camera all at once, so this picture in its relaxed, loving tone takes special meaning.  Takes it for all of those pics when someone is not looking, eyes are shut, etc.  I'll admit we had an awesome photographer help us get it right.  And I'm so glad.  She said, "Just hug and smile." We did. This is what she clicked.  It's a memory we'll carry forever. 

When we are taking the pictures, on our day-to-day "parents photographing the children," kind of way, I am glad Mountain Man remembered to "power up" our cameras with our Rayovac Rechargeable batteries for shots like these this Christmas.  Rayovac Rechargeable batteries perform best in digital cameras because they can be re-charged and re-used up to 500 times — reducing waste and saving money - go green - go Rayovac!  

Thanks Rayovac - we wouldn't want to have missed this. 

Golden moments.  Moments you want to freeze in time.  Or this.

This is how the Twins see life.

Now,  you too can remember to "power up" your camera with Rayovac rechargeables.  Capture your Moments with these Rayovac Coupon Codes for you!  

Rayovac Everyday-Use and Platinum Rechargeables offer more power, less waste and less money! take up to 300 photos per charge—that’s 8 times more than competitors’ lithium batteries.

Warmly, Carolina Mama 


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Great family pic!!!


insurance quotes. said...

What a grat family,I like your family.

MountainMan said...

Love the pics! Almost like CO, but 20 degrees warmer!