"Knockout Entrepreneur" by George Foreman and Sweepstakes

Honestly, I was a bit intrigued with a guy who names all of his sons after himself, same name! Meet George Foreman! As in George Foreman Grills - the lean, mean grilling machines!

As a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger, I got to read the "Knockout Entrepreneur" by George Foreman. George Foreman candidly shares his story of almost "turning down more than $100 million!"

Love his ethic of "Make It Good - Competence Matters too!" No doubt. That from a very successful entrepreneur.

"Along with character, you and your business must develop a consistent track record of competence - demonstrating your ability to get a job done, a product delivered on time or ahead of schedule, with no gaffes or defects."

"Again and again, I have heard people say two priceless words about the George Foreman Grill: 'It works!' It Works!"

Commitment and hard work bring him the success he has attained. In the book he has awesome Knockout Idea to Stimulate Your Success! at the end of each Chapter.

Love that he says we need to "Dress for Success" in our individual career areas. "Know what the standard is and dress a bit above it." A great reminder for a casual society. And he also says to stay hungry. Always looking for the next opportunity.

Overall, solid, tried and true success steps from a man who knows! In the end, he thanks "the Good Lord, for loving me and teaching me everything I know about being a Knockout Entrepreneur."

Great Read! Motivational and encouraging. I love a feel good book from someone successful who has a tried and true track record. How about you? What are you reading?

Just for fun: You enter the win the George Foreman Smart Kitchen Sweepstakes here!  Good luck!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger - opinion is my own.

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