ACTIVATE Concert Ocean Isle Inn Activate with Miss Lori

It have been an incredible weekend here at Ocean Isle Inn!

Today was the Miss Lori ACTIVATE Concert for Kids right beachside here at OII by the pool. So Poolside as well! That is the nice thing about OII is that they are beachside and poolside all in one!

We have been really activating Saturday at Ocean Isle Inn. The whole family has been on the go since about 9 am. We are so excited to be here at Ocean Isle Beach. It is amazing that even during the summer peak, it has such a laid back feel to it, it is not jam packed with tourists, yet there is plenty to do and people to see!

Miss Lori has a great program emphasizing the importance of healthy eating, exercise, and proper rest. It has been wonderful to actually follow that program throughout our weekend here at Ocean Isle Beach. The ocean is so beautiful, the sand and palm trees also. Last night provided an absolutely spectacular sunset.

This morning we had awesome games lead on the beach by Tracy of Ocean Isle Inn! We all loved these!

My boys have on their Lands' End Boys Swim Gear in this picture on the beach. See the two boys on the right side - one in the green rash guard and shorts and the other in the blue rash guard and shorts! That's the Tigers in Lands' End! It is awesome the "Rash Guards!" saved us from the 90 degree heat! More LE pictures to come.

Here is One Moms World and me with Trace of OII and the cool cake he had made for the pool party and "awards night!" tonight. It was really great fun!

Do you know Miss Lori from PBS Kids?! We do and she did an awesome Concert for all! Love the healthy and active lifestyle she is helping promote! We're all about wellness and healthy living!

Stay tuned - Tomorrow is Father's Day and we are planning on Church on the beach! And the Moms are taking the Dads to Father's Day lunch? Know where we're going? Guess!

Warmly,Carolina Mama

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Nancy M. said...

Glad y'all are having a fun time! I can't wait to go back too!