Our Family Is Still Running - SAS 5k 2013

We are still the Family that Runs together.  Mostly.  We do enjoy it.  We love staying active and healthy.  Earlier this month, we all ran in the SAS 5k Blue Cross Blue Shield Race.  This is such a fun race.

We had a great time. Here we are at the Start Line.  Eager to go on this beautiful and 
cool, October morn. 

Team Terrell at the Start.  

Mom on the Course.  Hey, look, people are actually behind me on the race course. :)  And I really 
worked on my time so hard, I was snapping pictures and fanagling with my iPod the majority of the race.  Let's not discuss my poor play list and how I kept fast forwarding to a song with 
hopes of catching a quick tune to help me zip to the Finish Line. :) 

So fun after the Finish to reunite with my Sweet Boulder Mountain Man.  See our Race glow. :)

Our boys came in 3rd and 4th Place in their Age Division!  This was big fun for our guy who told me the last time I ran it, "Mom, I'm going to win it next time!" :)  So proud of him.  He actually works on his speed work. :)  I should take a que.  Yes, we are so proud of brother who one 4th place, except there is one little thing, there is not a medal for 4th place.  Yes, his twin brother.

Oh, boy.  Brother was pretty busy with his post-race activity.... thankfully. :)  It was a challenge for him but he handled it well.  Carolina Hurricane bounce houses can do that for a lad. :)

It was really a fabulous race for everyone.  We loved doing this together and I LOVE running with all three of my guys.  Then it was time for the reward!

 Yes, young boys who run super fast can eat like this! :)

 The ladies enjoy the Skinny Omeletes....

And real food like eggs, cheese, ham, bacon, potatoes .... our favorite, Another Broken Egg totally hit the spot after the race.  Protein speaks.

Here, I was LOVING sharing the LOVE and delight to represent Skirt Sports again in my 5k!! 

Just so you know, Skirt Sports is designed by female owner, Nicole, who works out and 
totally gets women's fitness needs.   The comfort and details of this outfit from SkirtSports is 
unmatched!  I have fallen in LOVE with this Gemini Jacket!  Lightweight, every detail, 
and soft and warm.  The Skirt with Pant is AMAZING! 


I LOVE the iPhone 
port for my earbuds!  And LOOK at the cool colors. :)  Love it. 

And I wore my fabulous Hanes Bandidi Sports Bras. They are awesome. 
Just right for me.  Check them out and they are half the price of other sports bras. :) 

Hanes Bandini Bras 2/$10.49 :)  Great for Running

 So how is your fitness journey?  We are loving ours.  And thanks to my Dad, I still love my running.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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