Blog Design for Dummies - Book Review by Melissa Culbertson

It is so exciting when friends make good.  And Melissa Culbertson, Raleigh Blogger, Author of Mom Comm and Social Media and Blog Design Expert has written her first book! 

Blog Design for Dummies.  Isn't the book itself beautiful!  So excited for Mel. 

Mel's writing is so helpful and she gives so many insightful and practical tips.  Her book is the first "For Dummies" book series book that is "IN FULL COLOR."  How perfect since she shows us how to bring our blogs to life.

It is so fun to support local Moms, bloggers and friends.  I was so happy to get to attend Melissa and Book Launch Party with other area Mom Bloggers and Friends. We celebrated along with another Raleigh Blogger, Author and Friend, Andrea Updyke who wrote "Klout for Dummies."  It was such a fun evening.  So excited for both of these bloggers.

Blog Design for Dummies is so great for helping bloggers with the most challenging part of blogging, design and coding.  I have been blogging long enough, I remember teaching myself html code into the wee hours of the morning as I blogged away in 2006.  So Mel's book is a definite breath of fresh air for everyone.  She gives ideas to easily implement into your own blog successfully.  And remember, social media people that we are, Mel is available to you for questions or information at MomComm or @MelACulbertson. 

My favorite chapter is about knowing your blog and voice so you can then know your style and share on your platform in an effective way.  This is so simple and fundamental.  For some quick tips, check out Mel's "Cheat Sheet" for the basics.

Here are some of the top highlights from the book by Wylie:

  • "Provides the tools you need to understand what makes a successful blog from a design standpoint
  • Teaches you CSS coding that can be used to create an effective blog design that gets noticed
  • Helps you make design decisions regarding colors, fonts, and imagery
  • Places special emphasis on providing your readers with a site that is easy to use thanks to smart navigation
Blog Design For Dummies empowers you to make smart and creative adjustments to your blog so that you can be the proud owner of an effective blog design that gets noticed!"

A huge thank you to Mel for this gift to us all.  Check out her Blog Design for Dummies and enjoy these fascinating and functional tips and tricks.  

What are your Blog Design Tips? :)  Check out this book for the latest and enjoy!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This is a Book Review.  Book provided by Wiley Publications.  I adore the author so I asked to review the book in an effort to help support her fabulous writings. All opinions are my own.  

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