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Happy October and Happy Early Halloween!  I am so excited to share I am still joyfully and exuberantly representing Rayovac as a Power Blogger.  Rayovac is one of our favorite brands.  I LOVE their batteries and flashlights.  The Lasts Longer Brand.  So happy to continue on with them.  This month, we are talking Halloween Safety. 

Rayovac LED Glow Sticks
Safety is such an important topic.  And Halloween Safety is vital.  It is a fun time of year of Trick or Treating and Football Games. We do not need to relax our safety any.  It is imperative that motorists see our children.  And that they are safe.  We love carrying Rayovac Flashlights and Rayovac Power Up Batteries.  The Rayovac flashlights and glow sticks are perfect for this time of year.  And the children LOVE them! 

Rayovac Glow Sticks, my Obi-Wan Kenobi
Here are some tips to keep children safe during Fall Festivals, Football Games and Trick or Treating:

·         Carry a flashlight or wear a glow stick while talking around;
·         Trick or Treat in groups, with adults present;
·         Check candy before consuming;
·         Look both ways before crossing the street; and
·         Costume and accessories should be short, soft and flexible.

These tips are simple and yet very helpful.  Every effort we make for our children's safety is another step in ensuring long lasting safety.  Now, Rayovac is offering a 25% OFF of Glow Sticks bundle and a$3 OFF their LED Twin Pack.  

Rayovac Ecommerce Offer: Rayovac is providing our followers with a way to save and be safe during this Halloween season.

1.       OFFER: 25% off Glow Stick bundle  Reg Price:$9.99  Disc Price: $7.49 Promo Code: GLOWSAVE
2.       OFFER: $3 off LED Twin Pack Reg Price:$8.99  Disc Price: $5.99 Promo Code: TRICKORTREAT

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Remember, Safety First.  Let me know if you have other Halloween Safety Tips to share.  And remember to check out the Rayovac Coupons and Discounts online with the codes above in Ecommerce Discount.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  This post is sponsored by Rayovac.  All opinions are my own. 

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