A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet - Book Review

My fun reading really got kicked up a notch this Summer with Boo Mama's new book Salty to Cut the Sweet.  From this Southern Girl, I have to tell you Boo Mama truly inspired and entertains in her book just like she does on her famous blog, Boo Mama!  I love reading her blog.  Boo Mama is so real, light hearted and fun!  She has been an inspiration since my early days of blogging.  I began blogging in August 2006.  Wahoo!  What a fun journey it has been particularly with such delightful bloggers along the way.

So here I was beachside and poolside in Hilton Head Island this Summer! :)

Beachside, too!  I LOVED the book!  

Just reading the story of her Dad learning the make Biscuits had me in stitches!  My Dad and my 
Husband both cook well.  So I was dying at the Newspaper picking up the story of him 
being taught to make biscuits and well, it gets even better.... but you HAVE to hear it 
through Sophie's eyes!  Boo Mama will have you out of commission over this and 
you cannot even predict it. 

Boo Mama's book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet
Throughout the book, you get such a sense of Family and Love and Great Food and Fun.  All things Southern, if you don't mind.  I love the joy she shares about living in the South.  She has you laughing and crying and turning page after page of great reading.

Somehow after reading, Sophie's "A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet" I felt like, even I, a Southern Girl, understood my roots even better.  I knew I loved my heritage but to understand family and faith and food in such a simple way spoke to me.

Here's another shot of my frolicking at the beach with my book!  Yes, we had too much fun! :)  Anyway, back to Sophie's story and her writing style ...

I loved the way Sophie can weave a story about her sisters and mother and mother-in-law.  Since I have three sisters - we were five ladies in our home with my Dad and brother - I totally understand the fun, the shopping, the eating out, the cooking and more.

Boo Mama keeps you laughing and loving the South because "A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet" is exactly how we love Southern living.

Sophie reminds us over again that "Family is Worth Celebrating!"  No matter, the quirks or weaknesses of your family, Family is Worth Celebrating.  This is next to Biblical.  Because Family is Everything.

Speaking of family, I LOVE how Sophie shares about her son and that she is so positive about parenting and being a Mom.  Even in those hilarious or nerve racking moments, Boo Mama shares the joy of mothering and being a wife and friend.

You can follow Boo Mama on Twitter @BooMama. 

A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet  gets my Five Star Rating.  Read and enjoy!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This book is a Book Review.  All opinions are my own. 

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