Skirt Sport For Active Women Review and The BIG SALE

There is nothing like working out in a fabulous workout outfit like those I have discovered from Skirt Sports.  !  I LOVE having discovered SkirtSports.  Their athletic wear is incredibly comfortable and functional!  You have seen me running our Races in these awesome outfits so I want to give you the full rundown.

Everyone who know me, knows I love dresses and skirts.  I am truly a Southern Girl so what can I say.  Good raising by my sweet Southern Mama.  At any rate, I love the fact that Skirt Sports makes it possible and fashionable :) to work out in gear for women.  A skirt!  And they are very cool, fun and functional skirts!  :) SkirtSports are Fun, Feminine and Functional. I LOVE what Founder, Nicole DeBoom says, "When I am working out, I want to look like myself.  I do not want to compromise my femininity! ... To Look Pretty!"  She is a woman after my heart!  An athlete, feminine and loving it!  Thank you, Nicole! :)

Here is what I chose for my October 5k.  LOVE the Plaid!  Is is called:
Aberdeen Print.  I am smitten.  So fun. 

Let's get to some fun . Check out the SkirtSport "Tough Girl Skirt."  Isn't it cute.  I LOVE the details.  The fit is fabulous and comfortable all at once.  And ladies, thanks to Nicole, we have something that is well made, the quality is unmatched!  And it is feminine and modest.  Seriously, I do not want to be all uncovered and you know, when I am in Pilates or Running or in Strength Training.  So I don't have to worry!  The SkirtSports outfits are fitted yet generous and modest.  Good for me, I don't have to worry.

Here are the details on the Tough Girl Skirt: 

Features & Benefits
  • Built in pants with slight boot-cut
  • Two panel outer skirt
  • Non-chafing flatlock stitching
  • Two pockets to fit tissues, glove liners and more
  • Sonic Music Port under waistband for headphone cord
  • Skirt length on a size medium: 13 inches in front, 14 inches in back
  • Inseam lengths: XS: 31 inches, S: 31 1/2 inches, M: 32 1/8 inches, L: 32 3/4 inches, XL: 33 1/2 inches, XXL: 34 1/2 inches
  • Moisture management fabric: 91% Nylon / 9% Lycra

Now, let's talk a little Tech. support on this skirt!!!  This loop hole is for your ear buds!  Awesomesauce!!!  I love the ease of this feature.  This helps your earbuds not pull loose or get caught while you are running.  

Here we are Race ready!!! :)  I LOVE it!!  Check out my Gemini Reversible Jacket!!  It is an 
incredible jacket from SkirtSports!  This jacket is so comfortable.  I have to admit I LOVE wearing it 
on this side pictured.... 

The inside is a fleece lining!  It is super lightweight and cozy!  
I wear this jacket A LOT!  Running, Running Errands, at Home, etc.  

Here are the details on my Gemini Reversible Jacket: 

Features & Benefits:
  • Reversible (wear fleece or laminate side out)
  • Front length (Medium): 26”
  • Semi-relaxed fit
  • Waterproof and wind-proof, breathable four-way stretch laminated fleece
  • Laminated side has two hand warming pockets and one 5” zippered back pocket on middle back
  • Fleece side has one chest pocket accessible from both sides
  • 1.5” droptail back
  • 3M ScotchlightTM Reflective Material elements for low light visibility

Fabric: 100% Polyester
Weight: 130/gm/m2
Flexible four-way stretch tricot with lamination
Ultra lightweight, breathable

My family and I before our Fall 5K.  We had such a great time. 

And we had a Medal Winner in the Family!  So happy for our sons - they won 
3rd and 4th Place in their Age Division!  :)  (Only 1st through 3rd won Medals... so we 
walked through it cheering up Winner without a Medal.)

Here is my complete SkirtSports outfit pre-race!  I was so happy to have this 
stylish and fashionable new workout outfit for the Fall.  

Everyone at the Gym tells me they LOVE my SkirtSports outfit!  Seriously. 
It is awesome to workout and feel good and look good! 

Happy Team post-race! :)   Happy, happy, happy, Runners! 

So all you active ladies and hey, Moms, this is awesome gear for everyday Mom activities! :)  Thank you SkirtSports, we LOVE working together and supporting the best of Ladies Fitness Gear!

Check out the SkirtSports BIG Holiday SALE 40%-60% OFF!  :)  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by SkirtSports.  All opinions and obsessions are my own. :) 

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