Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline Batteries At Wal-Mart

Exciting news! Rayovac is launching a new product in April - The Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries! 

The Rayovac Power Bloggers got a first look at them and I have to tell you they are fabulous and they perform beautifully as well! :)  These batteries are designed for High-drain devices such as digital cameras, mp3 players, video game controllers or LED Flashlights. Or, devices we love over here with the Tigers.... 

The F150 Harley Davidson Truck!  See, the Rayovac High Energy Alkaline Batteries keep this baby going for a long time.  Tiger B LOVES these batteries.  You know, they power up the Harley! :) 

As for Mom, I am using the AA High Energy Alkalines in our Fiji Camera.  Nice action shots and LOTS of them without the battery drain.  That's a score - Thank you Rayovac!  They last longer and that is peace of mind for this Power Blogger. 

Here's the great news for you: 

See beautiful, news for you to love....I just keep looking at them.  Sleek and functional!

  • Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries will be available for purchase in all Walmart locations & WalMart.com APRIL 23, 2012

  • Rayovac Facebook page and Save in stores with a $1 off alkaline batteries! Awesome for everyone, right?!  

  • Advanced High Energy Alkaline Details: German-engineered for high performance in high-drain electronics, these batteries are high in performance and low in cost. With the Rayovac name, you know they’re a quality battery you can trust to last. 
What would you like to Power Up with longer lasting high energy alkaline batteries?  The list goes on, right?! :)  Let me know if you try them out.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

* I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  I love these new Advanced High Energy Alkaline Batteries. 

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