Oh, This Precious Boy a Homeschooling

Often times my days look like this. Today I paused and was thankful...I took in this moment.

Just before I snapped this picture I had asked, "Honey, would you like Mama to read to you?" And his reply still delights my heart - "No, Mommy, I've got it." And on he kept reading his new "The Lorax" book.

Remember, Mama does, we worked really hard for this casual "...I've got it." There was a day when other mothers, more aggressive, flat out more competitive, more for themselves than for the child would say things about his reading level back then.

Guess what, it is true sometimes kids read at their own pace. And when it clicks... Oh, baby when "it clicks." We spent many a morning and afternoon together with books. Okay, we still do.

But when it clicks - The world will know. Remember, the Tigers are Twins. And brother, he ran with it e.a.r.l.y. Same age, same parents, and exposure. Let them be kids! Homeschooling did this for us.

So yes we still love read aloud, yet we treasure this gift. One of One Thousand Gifts!

Can you relate? Were your child's skills hard won?

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Shannon said...

I can relate. My oldest had a terrible time getting it. So I totally have enjoyed the other three reading Magic Tree House books since the first grade. The school changed curriculum after Levi went through and now they do Reading Mastery which is an awesome program. The kids are reading by December in Kindergarten. Love it! I had the reading teacher teach it to Levi in the fourth grade and it changed everything for him.