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The ever-so-popular North Carolina grocery store. Food Lion has established a fabulous Blogger program. As a regular Food Lion Customer, I am excited to share with you why my family loves Food Lion. Giveaway at the end of the post, stay tuned. :) 

Food Lion makes North Carolina proud! Food Lion was "Founded in 1957 as Food Town in Salisbury, North Carolina, Food Lion's success is based on the principle of offering customers quality products at great prices and neighborly service in clean, conveniently located stores."

Look at the clean and fresh produce. The fruit is always crisp and clean and juicy. We love it.

We LOVE the expanded produce department and the quality and value of the Food Lion brand, My Essentials line which helps you receive more groceries for your money.
Our Bakery always look like this. Clean and neat and fresh. The Food Lion Team at the Bakery always wears head caps for extra cleanliness.

As part of the Food Lion Blog Ambassador Program, Food Lion got us started with this box of goodness, complete with awesome recipes and kitchen utensils. :)

My Recipes This Week were: Fruit Smoothies and No-Cook Granola Trail Mix! These recipes were featured on the My Carolina Today show as the Fast, Fresh And On A Budget segment. I loved cooking and sharing and shopping fresh produce from Food Lion. Here we are on the Show and I wanted to share these favorite and time tested recipes here with you:

Usually I stop by my Food Lion just to pick up fresh Bananas. I have to have just ripe Bananas. :)

Here is our No-Cook Trail Mix and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips were $3 at FL. Score!

The Bakery is clean and neat. We love the new fresh and inviting look our Food Lion.

Food Lion has a fabulous - Value Choice Brand for Everyday Items!

Check out "My Essentials!"

See these prices! My Essentials brand helps you get the most for your money. From milk and orange juice to eggs and canned goods. My Essential products are an easy way to save on everyday items without having to shop around to find the bet price.

Here we go at the entrance. There are always lots of clean and new buggies! It's the little things! :)

My Essentials products to choose from include:
Assorted Rice and Pasta, Dairy, Soups, Frozen Vegetables, Bread, Frozen Meals, Frozen Snacks,
Bread, Cereal, Canned Fruits and Vegetables and more.
Look at these deals on My Essentials!

The dairy case is always well stocked with lots of brands and prices and is clean and neat.

As you know, we love Italian food so we like to peruse all of the choices here.
See how neat and organized the shelves are. This leads to peaceful shopping.

Look at the bounty of great produce in the fruit section. We love this!

And look at this weeks deal on Oranges! :)

Check out a Food Lion in your neighborhood. You will be glad you did. And it may become a great new favorite place to shop.  Here is a $50 Food Lion Giveaway to get one of you started! Leave a comment for each step below to up your chance to win!  Contest ends Wednesday, March 28th at 9pm EST.  Open to US Residents with a Food Lion in your neighborhood. (Go her to find one.)

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All the best!  Someone's going to love it! :) 

Carolina Mama

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for FoodLion. I received a gift card and product kit to facilitate my review.


Jason Houck said...

Great post Carolina Mama. As a regular Food Lion shopper and having Food Lion be my first employer while in High School, I have grown to love Food Lion. The staff are always at every corner to lend a helping hand resulting in a hassle free and pleasant shopping experience. Not to mention, the way they go above and beyond by ensuring all isles are in order, neat and organized. This truly speaks volume of the Food Lion brand.

Susan said...

Love my neighborhood Food Lion- always clean and always friendly!

Marilyn said...

You are such a great reporter/blogger!! Love ya, Marilyn

Nancy M. said...

I've been going to Food Lion since it was called Food Town way back in the day! I love their bakery!

Nancy M. said...

I like Food Lion on Facebook.

Nancy M. said...

I like you on Facebook.

Jessica T. said...

I love Food Lion's produce department and their bakery!
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Jessica T. said...

I like you on facebook (Jessica Todd).
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Mami2jcn said...

I love Food Lion's Bakery! They have awesome stuff there! I'm heading there tomorrow to pick up my son's birthday cake.

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Mami2jcn said...

I like Food Lion on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy.

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maryjaco1 said...

I like the bakery and deli.

maryjaco1 said...

Fb fan of you -mary jaco

maryjaco1 said...

FB fan of Food Lion -mary jaco