eBay Fashion Vault, eBay Fashion Outlet and #GreenLiving

Great news for eBay Buyers!  eBay helps you be Fashionable!  They Welcome the Fashionistas!  Seriously, eBay makes life insanely awesome for Buyers at the eBay Fashion Outlet and  eBay Fashion Vault! 

Top fashion brands, designers, and sellers work closely with eBay to bring you Fashion Vault exclusives and special sales.

"Fashion Vault hosts weekly and special fashion events of branded clothing, shoes, and accessories."

Earlier this month, you know, I joined fellow eBay Parent Panelists at the eBay Headquarters in San Jose, California!  Get ready, I have a great deal to share with you. 

We learned about Fashion Power Blogger and Seller, Corri McFadden and her House of Consignment.  So hey, dream big because with eBay they'll take you there. Have you seen her TV show on VH1 - it's a reality show about the rich side of Fashion in Lincoln Park.

Dream big folks, dream big.  Seriously, take an inside look at how Corri grew this dream and is now amazingly successful there in Chicago.

You can sign up for the eBay Fashion Vault exclusive updates here.  So take advantage of name brands at greatly reduced prices. eBay works closely with these Designers to bring you up to 85% OFF! 

Take advantage of the eBay Fashion Outlet as well.  At the eBay Fashion Outlet -  you'll have 24/7 access to a collection of your favorite lifestyle brands and top retailers—all selling directly on eBay at up to 65% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.  

Sweet savings like this Betsey Johnson Pink Tea Party Dress.  

Now that you have the inside on eBay Buying... let me tell you more about our trip to San Jose. 

We had a lot of great connecting and fun.  You know, we're kind of introvert-ish.  I chose the blue "b" in eBay. :)

eBay entertained us in San Francisco where I learned what "I left my heart in San Francisco" truly means.  I love it there. 

They also gave us great opportunity to fall in love with the experience of the Franciscan Crab Restaurant on the Fisherman's Wharf.  The Dungeness Crabs are basically life changing.  You know, eBay does things first class all the way. 

Speaking of First Class, we learned a world of good at eBay during our sessions on the 
eBay Campus.  One thing I adored was eBay's commitment to Mother Earth. 
This is what they live on the campus.  I just wanted to hug this wall! 

So when they say, "The greenest product is the one that already exists!" They truly mean it! 
The recycle the waste in the landfill and compost and am for "eBay Zero Waste for Green Space" motto!  

All of us who are star struck by JD Norton got the chance to learn even more about the 
ebay Green Team!   See JD is on a single mission to 'save the planet' and you know, he just may. 
I mean if we all had the green commitment the eBay Green Team has, we could change the world! 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any specific questions about Fashion at eBay and Green Living from eBay?! They are at the ready to help you meet your Fashion and Green living goals! 

Warmly, Carolina

*I am a proud member of the eBay Parent Panel. As you know, I LOVE Fashion so I am honored to share these insights with you.  All my own opinions. 

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