eBay Parent Panel Summit 2012

This week, I am headed to Silicon Valley for the eBay Parent Panel Summit at the eBay Headquarters in San Jose!

Our panel is very excited for the event. We have been all watching the weather, checking it twice. Packing layers, technology for the latest updates and information!

We even have an eBay Fashion session! Can you hear me! What better than great fashion at low cost!

My day started with these pictures as I prepared in anticipation: me having a great walk on the treadmill. Then Starbucks thinking about flying to California! This will take as long as it took me to fly to Paris! ;)

Then this awesome Psalm about His wings carrying me-that's all I need. Check back here for details and more live blogging the fun.

Any eBay burning questions you have can be left in comment and we will get answers!

Carolina Mama


Jen @ One Moms World said...

I am so excited and happy for you. I will pray for safe travels for you tonight. Can't wait to hear all about the trip. Big ((HUGS))!

Shannon said...

I few years ago I bought some Tupperware on EBay. The seller was a scam artist and never sent me anything. I was out of my 40 dollars and received nothing. EBay said they wouldn't do anything about it. I will never buy anything on EBay again. It is Craigslist all the way over here. We can contact local people and see the item before we purchase it.