Whole Foods No HFCS

My family loves home cooked meals.  Healthy meals and fresh foods.  It's part of our health and wellness and fitness lifestyle.

Except there was my soiree into the Couponing.  We discovered when I was couponing - we did save - we saved BIG.  You know, like saved $200 and spend $59 big.  Except the things I bought home were things I didn't leave the house needing on my purchase list.

i.e. they were packaged and processed foods.

We have circled back around to purchasing Whole Foods like this....

We are avoiding all those packaged high sodium, high-fructose corn syrup filled with preservatives and food coloring products.

At first, I was worn out.  It took me three times as long at the grocery.  Now, I beat the system and go straight to Trader Joe's.  More value and less expense.

I know I am sounding all like a Trader Joe's Ambassador or Spokesmom...  well, I already do that.  No, this is just an honest post about how we avoid unhealthy foods.  TJ's has healthy, organic and natural foods for half the price of Whole Foods and other retailers .

And we totally avoid high-fructose corn syrup *HFCS* products - and that translates into MOST of the grocery store!  It has become a great game and fun to find products without this product.

We buy much more quality items now.   Shopping, cooking and eating are a lot more simple.  It is more work than eating the quick items or just eating out all the time.  Yet, oh my goodness, we are loving fresh, home cooked meals without all these sugar and fat laden fillers added like HFCS.  However, it is annoying and shocking the many items that have HFCS in them.

How do you avoid all of the preservatives and food colorings in foods?  Do you avoid HFCS?

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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