eBay Giving Works Benefits Non-Profit Organizations

Today is my second day home from the bliss of the Blissdom Conference in Nashville.  This was a fabulous time of refreshing, learning and connecting. I loved meeting old friends and getting to know some new ones.  All in such a heartfelt spirit. 

Coming home leaves us all wanting to change the world, right now.   I love that we were challenged to make a difference in the world.

Enter Fashion for a Cause on eBay, now your purchase can benefit a non-profit.  Take these Prada Shoes: 

February is "American Heart Month" and it makes me thankful for the brands I work with who  support various organizations around the world whose missions are to build awareness, educate and raise funding for research about heart health, diseases and treatment. 

eBay is one of those companies. I love learning all of the many aspects of eBay.  Last month, I boldly shared my delight in the eBay Green Team and how utilizing the site can help lighten our footprint on our earth. 

Now through eBay Giving Works, sellers can benefit a highlighted nonprofit (like the "American Heart Association" and "Save a Child’s Heart Foundation") when they list on eBay.  This is fabulous news every eBay Seller can embrace.

"Since the early days of eBay, you have shown us how generous and compassionate you can be. You inspired us to create an easy way on eBay for you to help causes and nonprofits that matter to you. And so, eBay Giving Works was born."      eBay Giving Works

The possibilities are endless.  Sellers can learn more about Selling through eBay Giving Works here.  To date, the eBay Giving Works impact is over $241,000,00!  That's an incredible way to help change the world. 

Are you eager to participate in this giving on your next eBay auction?

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel.  My own opinion is that I love this program and opportunity to give back.

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