Rayovac: Kohl's Sweepstakes Win $500

This week is Fashion Week in New York City and what better way to get a 
New Look, New You than the Rayovac Kohl's Giveaway! 

Rayovac just got a New Look and they want you to get one too!   
See the new Rayovac Battery packaging even
 has the Facebook address on the front. I love the fresh new look.

Just in time for Spring, you can Win a $500 Shopping Spree at Kohl's
New You, New Look Sweepstakes! 
So go ahead and keep a Wish List of your favorite Fashion Finds
this week during Fashion Week! And you could win....
Contest is open on Facebook until February 28th!  

And then Enter to Win! 

You could have the New You, New Look of $500 Shopping Spree, 
Rayovac Batteries and a Remington Hair Straightener! 

I got so excited about the new Battery Look I had to post it on my Pinterest...
Rayovac is sharing the goods on their newly minted Rayovac Pinterest Page. Come Pin! 
And look at these cool styles you could win at Kohl's! 

See I even posted to my Instagram page as well.  It was very well received. 
Was there ever any doubt!  

All the best to you Winning a New Look, New You!


Carolina Mama 

PS  This is a Rayovac Power Blogger sponsored post. I love the new batteries and a good fashion contest! :)  

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