Bertolli Meal Soups Satisfying Week Night Dinner

Can anyone else believe it is February?!  I mean Valentine's Day and the Tigers' Birthday are both just around the corner and then it's Boulder Mountain Man's Birthday.  I love this time of year.  Yet, it is a very busy and challenging time of year.  

As much as I love to cook and find homemade dinners that are healthy and satisfying for my family, I love a simple, satisfying Week Night Dinner! :)  How about you? 

Thankfully Bertolli has us covered with Bertolli Meal Soups for our dinner tables.  We had the best Weeknight Special Meal this evening. 

We enjoyed the Bertolli Meal Soups with hearty Spinach Bread. 
Bertolli Frozen Meal Soups are hearty and fresh-tasting with lots of vegetables, lean meats, pasta and herbs. They are individually flash frozen at the peak of freshness. 

Bertolli Frozen Meal Soups are available in the frozen aisle, and can be prepared on your stovetop in minutes. 
These robust flavors and rich textures are available in four varieties: 
         *  Chicken Minestrone
         *  Roasted Chicken & Rotini Pasta 
         *  Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken
         *  Tuscan-Style Beef with Vegetables 

Look how hearty and rich our Meal Soup was this evening.  It was very filling and with the Spinach Bread, it was even more so. 

Here are the cute packages to find Bertolli The Freezer Soups -  IN THE FREEZER SECTION. :)  Just so you know, I kinda need the caps lock 
reminder here since I was um, looking elsewhere in my store. :) 

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Carolina Mama

Disclosure: "I was compensated by Bertolli to participate in the Weeknight Meal Special Challenge." 

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How many servings are in one bag?