National Box Tops University 2011 With General Mills

This past week I was delighted to attend the National Box Tops University at General Mills World Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota! What fun!

Okay, having never been to Minnesota, I didn't know what to expect. It's June, so I gladly accepted feeling safe from snow drifts and avalanches! :)

Seriously, the General Mills Box Tops Team was phenomenal. They are an outstanding group. We were so thrilled to check out Lake Minnetonka via a chartered Dinner Cruise just for us.

Here I interview Sara Weis of Marketing at General Mills on Box Tops for Education:

The views were spectacular. I was taken aback by the lush, green surroundings. We had great Mom Bloggers, and General Mills and PR staff to enjoy the evening with and great food. Did I say the weather was perfect! Here's my live video of us cruising!

Top Things I Learned at Box Tops University 2011:

First of all I learned that Box Tops have earned schools $59 Million Dollars in the last year! Phenomenal! gives a Box Top for each Tee Shirt ordered for Field Day, Field Trips, etc. for schools.

Green Giant FRESH PRODUCE is now partnered for Box Tops for Schools! :) Yes, Broccoli and Cauliflower and Green Beans and Lettuce count towards your Box Tops!

ALL Betty Crocker Baking Items have Box Tops now!!

Knew this and want to share it: Box Tops Partner with HomeSchools TOO! Check form to attach. Both of our Co-Ops this year collected Box Tops! :) It works!

Meeting other MomBloggers with like interests is a whole lot of fun!

Boise Paper and Avery are partners this year and our Favorite filter, Brita partners with Box Tops!

Here are pictures of the great time we had!

Loved touring the General Mills World Headquarters Photography Studio!

My Titanic!... on Lake Minnetonka! :)

Hanes 4 Education brought down the house with their Tee Shirt Launch!

Here we are telling the world "Box Tops '4' Education!" :)

Loved working with Ana a fellow Hanes Comfort Crew friend!

Our Princess Dream Cruise for the night! Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota!

I am happy on the water!

Does your school participate in Box Tops each year?!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*Thank you General Mills for inviting and sponsoring me to this event! I love and participate in the Box Tops programs with my children each year because I love it!


Melinda said...

great pictures and rundown of the whole evente

Jen @ One Moms World said...

You are so beautiful. I love the Titanic picture.

It is so great to hear all the brands that will now have Box Tops. Yay for all of Betty Crocker too, because I always got confused on which ones did and ones that didn't.

KUDOS to connecting with the mom bloggers to spread the word out.